The MedZine app is intended to offer medical content and information, using the possibilities that mobile devices offer, with which the user can easily stay up-to-date in the relevant field or specialism. The possibilities that the app offers will gradually be expanded or improved based on experiences about the use and wishes of users. Between the content Medix places targeted advertisements to finance the app with the resulting funds.

By using the app, you agree that Medix Publishers will process some anonymised data. Medix will only process this information for the benefit of the content process and statistical analyzes of the use that may lead to adjustments and improvements of the app.

The data is not sold to third parties or shared with third parties other than users of the app.

Users / caregivers can use content of their own insight in other systems (own agenda, own notes, GP information system with patient file, etc.). That is not the responsibility of Medix Publishers. Medix Publishers will take all appropriate technical and organizational measures necessary for the safe processing of data.

Which data is processed?

• specialist BIG number

• Device type specialist

• Specialism and areas of interest of specialist

Information about user data:

• Data are processed by Medix Publishers BV, Keizersgracht 317A, 1016 EE Amsterdam, director Mr Rob Koenraads

• Data is needed to access the app. This may only be medical specialists in connection with the CGR legislation

• The recipients of the data are Medix Publishers BV

• The data will not be passed on to a country outside the EU;

Additional information:

• The data is saved as long as the user uses the app

• Users of MedZine have the right to object to and rectification or erasure of the data or restriction of the processing concerning it, as well as the right to object to the processing and the right to data portability;

• MedZine users have the right to withdraw their consent;

• Users of MedZine have the right to file a complaint with the supervisor;

• The provision of personal data is a contractual obligation and a necessary condition for concluding an agreement, the user is obliged to provide the personal data. We can not provide access when the data is not provided;

• With the content read, Medix Publishers builds profiles on usage. These are not traceable to personal profiles

Information provided by the applicant in the contact form on the MedZine website,, will only be used to contact the applicant by Medix Publishers.

If you have questions about the use of the app or the data being processed, please contact Medix Publishers. Medix Publishers, whether or not together with other companies, organizations and individuals, does its utmost to keep access to the app and the data that is visible there, continuously available and to make the data permanently available. Nevertheless, Medix Publishers, nor the companies, organizations and persons with whom we cooperate, does not accept any liability resulting from the use of the app, in the broadest sense of the word.

Do you have any questions or remarks? Contact us.